Oranmore Taekwon-Do & Kickboxing Academy

4Hello and a warm welcome to the official Oranmore Taekwon-Do & Kickboxing Academy (OTKA) web page.  My name is Darragh Murphy, 2nd Dan Black Belt.  I am the main Instructor of this Academy.  It is our aim to help create a positive, nurturing environment for our students to learn the Martial Arts of Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing.

 Martial Arts have become quite a popular activity especially in the last few years, with a basic knowledge of self-defence techniques and an effective way to improve fitness and well-being but to name a few of its many desirable benefits.

We are one of the newest branches (September 2014) of Red Star Sport Taekwon-Do & Kickboxing-one of the leading Martial Arts Academies in Ireland today. We are also affiliated with the largest Kickboxing organisation in Ireland- KBI (Kickboxing Ireland), as well as the ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation).

We offer our students a range of different training levels, from basic fitness to competitive sport, so that whatever you want to achieve from your Martial Arts training, you will find it here at OTKA!

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!